Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa: P ushing the Frontiers of Science in Africa



Serve to advocate, educate, lead and guide advancement of science on the African continent and link such advancement with the wider global scientific knowledge society




Conference 2014
of the Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa - Pushing the Frontiers of Science in Africa



2014 SASA Conference, Kampala-Uganda

May 6 - 10, 2014


Host Institution

Gulu University

In partnership with the Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI), Uganda National Council for Science and Technology, Makerere University, Pilot International, Muni University, Pennsylvania State University, African Institute for Strategic Animal Resource Services and Development (AFRISA) and the Youth Employment and Income Enhancement Program (YEIEP)


Contact: Professor Emilio Ovuga, Gulu University

+256 757 440725 / 256 712 220125


Purpose of the Conference:


SASA Conference 2014.  provides a forum for African scientists, and foreign colleagues to present their work and seek collaboration.


SASA intends to promote science in Africa, and facilitate the translation of the fruits of science into evidence-based policy for socio-economic development and improvements in the role of Science in Africa.


SASA will strive to foster the scientific environment in ways that retain African human capital in Africa and place the African continent  on a par withthe rest of the world in science education and research.


SASA’s goal is to help Africa begin to focusing on generating long-term benefits by strengthening its science and technology sectors, and deploying those strengths for the advancement of Africa.



Benefits of Participating in SASA Conference


1. Exposure to the wider international community

2. Opportunities for establishing collaborations and networks

3. Opportunities for strengthening existing bilateral or multi-lateral partnerships

4. Tapping into emerging national political good will on the African continent for sustainable development

5. Access to good quality scientific equipment

6. Access to ready markets for products and scientific equipment

7. Access to examples of Science and Technology development innovations in Africa

8. Incentives for publishing

9. Personal academic and professional growth and development


National Local Organising committee


1. Professor Emilio Ovuga, Chairman

2. Mr. John Paul Bagala, Secretary

3. Dr. Julius Ecuru, Member

4. Dr. Alfred Alumai, Member

5. Dr. Geoffrey Andogah, Member

6. Mr. Collins Mwesigwa, Member

7. Ms Robinah K. Nanyunja, Member

8. Dr. Michael Kansiime, Member

9. Mr. Hilary Bakamwesiga, Member

10. Mr. Semei Mutesasira, Member

11. Ms Julaina A. Obika, Member

12. Dr. Anthony Ocaya, Member




Pilot International Tour plan for SASA delegates









Pilot International


Makerere University


Muni University


Global Knowledge Initiative


Osaka University




Pennsylvania State University


Gulu University

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